Welding machine

Welding machine



The USM 5 welding machine is a universal, CNC controlled welding machine for manufacturing small and medium transformer batches. A large range of models, quick convertibility and high flexibility, along with the ability to easily equip it, are the features of this machine.

The packaging and boxing of sheet packages in the coil body must occur outside the welding machine. For this task, we have special packaging machines in our range.

The machine has closed metal machine housing. Two high-performance TIG inverter welding devices with a max. welding current of 230 A and a cooling device is integrated into the body of the machine. Argon or argon hydrogen are required as the inert gas. Special machine welding torches allow the electrodes to be configured from outside the torches. The electrode position does not need to be readjusted after changing the electrodes. 

Application area:

The machines are adapted for the various lamination cores with sheet type dependent interchangeable parts. The interchangeable parts do not depend on the coil body used, provided that the coil body does not protrude over the sheets. In order to be able to weld foot plates or special parts, the corresponding foot plate supports must be used. 

Lamination cores:  EI 38 - EI 120
Package height:      max. 75 mm

Sheets made from grain-oriented and non-grain-oriented material can be welded. For grain-oriented material, it may be necessary to add supplementary wire to the weld pool in order to optimize the welding seam.

Cycle time and hourly output:

The following values have been determined as the machine cycle time, from starting the machine through to delivery of the welded transformer:

Sheet type: EI 38 EI 66 EI 120
Package height: 13,5 mm 23,0 mm 53,7 mm
2 seams: 10 sec. 13 sec. 16 sec.

Set-up time:  For conversion for another type of lamination core, the two-part conversion kit must be changed. 

5 minutes


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