Tamping machine Type 300

Tamping machine
Type 300



The machine for processing latchable ready-core laminations.

The tamping machine type 300 was developed for processing separate, latchable sheets in the EI/2, UI/2 and M/2 range. Thanks to the ready to assemble design and the integrated latching mechanism, the separate sheets, in combination with a tamping machine, produce a very economical manufacturing system for transformer production.

Tamping machines can be used for batches from the smallest to the largest owing to the favourable price/performance ratio and the low set-up time.

Application area:

With installation kits, consisting of lamination core feed magazines, coil body position and blank holders, the machine can be set up to process the following lamination cores:

EI 30/2 AR - EI 60/2 AR
UI 21/2 AR - UI 48/2 AR
M 42/2 AR - M 55/2 AR

Hourly output and set-up time:

The cycle time for the automatic machine operation is approx. 3 seconds. The hourly output is determined by the machine cycle time and the operator-dependent auxiliary process time for replacing coil bodies, removing the stamped transformers and refilling the sheet magazine. The hourly output is therefore primarily dependent on the working speed of the machine operator. The following average values are achieved in standard-production use:

EI 30/2 P.h. 12.5 mm approx. 600 pc/hr
EI 60/2 P.h. 21.0 mm approx. 500 pc/hr

The installation set must be changed to set the machine up for other lamination core types: approx. 20-30 minutes.

Supplementary units:

For large batches, the degree of automation of the tamping machine can be further increased with supplementary units.

Along with a coil body feed unit for the automatic infeeding and removal of coil bodies, a magazine change unit is available for the 8-fold lamination core magazine.

Tamping machine Type 300 
Tamping machine Type 300

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