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For the slot insulation of armature and stator packages, we have a fully automated powder coating system which is constructed as a linear transfer system. We can insulate small batches and customer-specific sheet packages in our manual powder systems.

The slots on rotor and stator packages must be insulated so that no electrical short circuit occurs between winding and package.

There are various methods available for slot insulation. Thus, for example, paper inserts, plastic films or insulation caps are used to insulate slots.

Electrostatic powder coating offers itself as a modern and economical process, since it completely automatically provides even the smallest geometries with an even, breakdown-resistant insulation coating which is precise in form.

In our fully automated powder coating system, insulating powder is automatically electrostatically applied in the slots and then hardened through induction heating.


Your benefits:

  • small coating thicknesses of 200 - 400 µm
  • cost-effective and safe slot insulation
  • higher copper fill factor possible

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