1952 Founded (in Sersheim) by Erich Grau
1960 Transition from sheet processing to strip processing and introduction of mechanical feeds
1963 Production of the first carbide tool (among one of the first companies in Germany)
1966 Expansion of the stamping plant
1970 Creation of a separate design department
1972 Creation of a department for producing special machinery
1973 Expansion of the stamping plant to a total of 1,200 m²
1974 Introduction of the first high speed precision stamping machine for stroke rates of more than 500 strokes/min.
1976 Introduction of wire erosion technology in tool manufacturing
1977 Switch-over from gripper feeds to roller feeds in order to allow the greatest degree of feed accuracy at high stroke rates.
1978 Introduction of automated stamping machines with stroke rates of up to 850 strokes/min.
1980 Development of processing machines for transformer sheets
1983 Introduction of EDP in the administrative sphere
1984 Delivery of the first fully automated welding machine
1988 Introduction of a CAD system, programming and control of tooling machines based on the CAD data
1991 Networking of the 3 CAD systems installed
1992 Construction of a measuring area with 3D measuring machines and CND coordinate measuring machine
1993 Purchase of a new tooling shop with a covered link at ground level to the production department
1996 Start of powder coating of core packages
1999 Purchase of a powder coating system for armature cores
2001 Commissioning of the first laser cutting facility for prototype building
2003 Commissioning of a high-bay warehouse with approx. 2,500 spaces
2004 Implementation of a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
2005 Commissioning of the second laser cutting facility
2006 Introduction of 3D tool design
2015 Commissioning of the first injection molding
2018 Commissioning of the second injection molding

In the early years, tools and devices were manufactured for external companies as an evening operation.

In order to meet the demands of the ever more numerous customers, stamped parts were soon manufactured and supplied.

This resulted in the first functional division between tool-making department and stamping plant.

In the following years, in terms of stamped parts, the company increasingly specialised in the processing of electrical steel, whereby DIN parts for transformers, engine sheets and magnetic plates were manufactured.

The key customers in the early years were the big radio equipment manufacturers such as Grundig, Saba and Blaupunkt.


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Founded in 1952, ERICH GRAU GMBH is today a renowned, internationally active company in the field of stamping technology.

All of our customers' requirements are handled with great care and attention. This applies for simple items as well as for technically challenging parts.