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plastic meets metal


plastic meets metal

The overmolding of inserts with plastic is a demanding manufacturing process, especially the overmolding of laminated cores made of stacked electrical sheets.

For us, overmolding of inserts is equivalent to accuracy and cost-effectiveness.  We take the special requirements of the injection molding process into account as early as the development and design of the stamping tool. We adapt our mold concepts to your individual requirements. By geometrically adapting the injection molds to the laminated cores, we achieve high reproducibility and dimensional accuracy of the hybrid components, regardless of whether complete stator and rotor packages or individual stator segments are overmolded.

By overmolding laminated cores, we produce technically sophisticated hybrid components according to the needs and requirements of our customers.

The laminated cores are inserted directly into the injection mold, either manually or automatically. With modular automation solutions, our production processes can be adapted to the desired production volume. In close cooperation with our customers we develop the economically ideal solution.


  • Tool design
  • Efficient tool construction
  • Proven stamping technology
  • Tailored plastics technology
  • Modern laser technology
  • Reliable baking varnish technology

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Founded in 1952, ERICH GRAU GMBH is today a renowned, internationally active company in the field of stamping technology.

All of our customers' requirements are handled with great care and attention. This applies for simple items as well as for technically challenging parts.