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Along with the manufacturing of standardised sheets, ERICH GRAU GMBH specialises in the manufacturing of customer-specific electric motor sheets and special sheets. We accompany our partners from prototype production through to batch production, true to the motto:

"Everything in one place" 

Customer-specific special sheets and packages from Grau GmbH are used, for example, as:

  • cores for magneto ignition coils
  • pencil cores and inference sheets
  • slat packages for alternators
  • cores for pond pumps or aquariums
  • cores for solenoids
  • cores for current transformers
  • cores for sensor applications
  • slats for induction heaters

All special sheets can be supplied as riveted, welded, punch-packed, glued and baked sheet packages. Laser-cut or wire-eroded special sheets and packages for sample production, prototype building and small batch production.


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Founded in 1952, ERICH GRAU GMBH is today a renowned, internationally active company in the field of stamping technology.

All of our customers' requirements are handled with great care and attention. This applies for simple items as well as for technically challenging parts.