We know that life means change.

Changes in the markets are challenges for the company! So far, we have dealt with them successfully - and that's how it should stay in the future! Dynamism creates space for us to achieve our business goals:

Customer satisfaction

We pursue the goal of supplying our customers with top quality products. Our customers ensure the existence of our company. We therefore always strive to cultivate friendly dealings with our customers. We try to recognise the customers' needs and to provide the best possible satisfaction. Fair and cooperative relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees are the strategic basis for our long-term success.

Profit and growth

We pursue the goal of generating sufficient profit to ensure the existence of our company in the long term, finance continued growth and be able to remain independent in the future.

Motivated employees, secure jobs

Our employees primarily serve the customers and produce the best possible performance for them. Our company would like to play its part by ensuring that employees get satisfaction, fulfilment and recognition in their work and that their jobs are secure in the long term. We want to train and support our employees so that they are in the best possible position to achieve the company goals.


Our aim is to continuously improve the quality of the products we provide. We are always grateful for constructive criticism from our customers, suppliers and employees.

Technical competence

We are aware that the requirements of the future can only be met with a high level of technical competence. The company's goal is to always make the latest manufacturing machines and tooling machines available to the employees for manufacturing. Ongoing investment in the machinery is thus a matter of course for us.

We always see ourselves as a reliable and fair partner to our customers and suppliers!

What you should expect from us:

  • cooperative support 
  • professionalism 
  • specific knowledge 
  • highly motivated employees 
  • objectivity
  • optimal price-performance ratio

Erich Grau GmbH
Stanzwerk für Elektrobleche
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Founded in 1952, ERICH GRAU GMBH is today a renowned, internationally active company in the field of stamping technology.

All of our customers' requirements are handled with great care and attention. This applies for simple items as well as for technically challenging parts.